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My New Dawn Testimony

 It all started in November when Papa prophetically declared the theme for last Shiloh "A NEW DAWN". Since then, my life has never been the same again. In December, God gave me a one-bedroom apartment, well furnished with new stocks. In January, after participating in the 21 days of prayer and fasting, God miraculously gave me 3 Jobs to make a choice from. In February, as I engaged in the ongoing kingdom advancement endeavour, and paying my transport seed to ensure the transportation of converts to church; I believed and asked God to honour me with a car; same month, God gave me a car. Also in February, God healed my sister from years of mysterious cough, which Doctors cannot tell what was wrong with her after series of test but God healed her partaking of the Communion. That was her first time in this Church. I return all the Glory to God for the new dawn wonders in my life.

JOHN OCHIGBO | Testifier

Quadruple Promotion Via Kingdom Advancement Prayer

I was due for promotion from 2008; all my junior staffs were promoted. They overtook me by surprise. Then I was reduced to nobody and my schedule of duty was taken away from me. They mocked me to the extent of which they are even sending me to do some official work for them. And I became frustrated and lost hope in every struggle. In one of the Covenant Hours of Prayer last month, I heard Papa saying, kingdom advancement prayer guarantee supernatural growth, kingdom advancement prayer guarantee open rewards and it also provoke divine favour. Then, I keyed into those words and my hope which I lost jack back to life. Then I change my prayer ideology by praying for the kingdom of God, I stop praying for myself, I also increase my prayer hours from 30 minutes to One hour both in the day and at night by praying for Church growth, praying for the salvation of unsaved souls and also for the increase of cells. I obeyed every instruction that comes from the Altar. Then God of BISHOP DAVID .O. OYEDEPO showed up, God surprise me with four promotions that were denied me of, on the 29th of March, 2018. All those junior staffs that were mocking me before are now shamefully under me.

I return to thank the God of BISHOP DAVID .O. OYEDEPO for wiping my tears and make me superior over my enemies. Indeed serving God pays.

Truly, Mathew 6:33 works like fire. To God all be the Glory.



I was called from Ufuoma at 9:30pm on Monday 16th April, 2018 that my daughter of age 10 was missing. That the last time she was seen was around 6pm that day. 

In spite of that Challenge, I still came to Covenant Hour of Prayer the next morning. After that service, I took her picture to God’s servant Pastor Paul Ephraim and explained to Him. I was expecting very long prayers, but He only smiled and tapped the picture with His hand and said She is not missing, she shall be found.

I believed yet, I quickly alert the Leader of the Youth and the Community in Ufuoma to help in the search.

The God of this commission showed up at about 5pm that same Tuesday, I was ridding alone on my bike when I spotted my daughter walking beside a primary school in Afeisere. I thank God my daughter was found and she is in good health.

Okiemute Endurance. | Testifier


I joined this commission September 2009 while my spouse joined us in 2011. For 6years we believe God to get married with several fixings of unsuccessful marriage dates until it became like a mockery, but in the year 2016 we took the case to Shiloh from glory to glory. I keyed into the prophetic words of God servant Bishop David Oyedepo that those desiring to get married will return next year Shiloh gloriously married which I received with a loud Amen.

At Shiloh 2016, I partook in the marital breakthrough specialized classes with my wedding date and believed God and His servant that this time it will come to pass. In January 2017, just after we concluded the 21-days prayer and fasting programme I told my family and that of my spouse family the date I have chosen. It was taken likely like April fool due to past fail dates and moreover I chose a date that falls on the month of April. Although in my heart what the Holy Spirit was reminding me was that God uses the foolish things to confirm the wise.

Indeed God visited us and our case was different. We did the traditional rite and wedding on 22nd and 29th of April respectively. Those that were mocking us celebrated God on our behalf. We have return to say thank you Jesus.


Miracle Job via Kingdom Stewardship

I joined this commission July 2016 and has being unemployed for 3 years. By August, I attended WOFBI. I participated in all out reaches, both on the field and praying kingdom advancement prayers with all my heart. One of the days I trekked from Gowon estate to Ikotun market to share tracts sometimes, I go with my wife and some other times with my son. This continued all through 2016 to 2017. I was mocked that I should go and look for work to do, instead of lazing about sharing tracts. In one of Bishop preaching he said, people must surely mock you and make caricature of you, keep at it, keep doing what you are doing, and that when our cloud is full the rain will fall. That gave me more encouragement to move ahead. Suddenly in January 2018, God showed up.  I received a call from an oil servicing company to forward my CV immediately. I continued seriously on my kingdom advancement prayers like never before. The Bishop always tells us that, what God says to one, He says to all, so I wrote my date of resumption according to a testimony I heard, Lo and behold, that week, I received another call for an interview on the 1st March and was asked to start work 2nd. On my way home, I received another call from HR manager asking me to resume on Monday 5th march, to coincide with the date I already wrote down on the altar. It was like a dream. Truly, there is God in this commission.

EMEKA .A. | Testifier

From Death to Life via Feet Washing

It’s indeed My New Dawn Era.  I want to thank God and also Our Father in the House for my life and the life of my children.

Two of my sons were sick to the point of death and I rushed them to the Church. I met with Pastor Two (2). He washed their feet and took them to the altar. Immediately they came back to life. They are strong and healthy now.

I was also believing God for a business idea and God gave me one. I have come to return all the glory to God for restoring life to my sons and for business breakthrough.

Mrs. B.E | Testifier

Miracle Baby

“In 2012, I was gloriously married as prophesied by the Bishop during the Miracle Marriage Services of that year. I got pregnant immediately, but after three months, I had a miscarriage. On Easter Monday, my husband and I came to Canaanland for WSF Operators’ Meeting, as instructed by the Bishop. As the meeting was rounding-off, the Bishop kept saying, ‘Jesus appeared for 40 days after His resurrection; He will appear to you!’ I had always known that Bible story, but that day, I believed it like I was hearing it for the first time. So, I started declaring, ‘Jesus, You must appear to me! ‘My menstrual period, which was trying to regulate itself, came some days after I received that Word, but I was not deterred. On the 38th day, Jesus truly appeared to me, because I missed my period and nine months after, I delivered my baby. Praise the Lord!”---

Mrs. Olayiwola Hannah | Testifier

Divine promotion via prophetic declaration

I met with Bishop Oyedepo at Sango under bridge, where he prayed for us and invited us to Church. On the 25th March 2018, I came to the Church for the second time on the Covenant Day of Business Breakthrough, with my point of contact for my career and business as was instructed. I placed my point of contact on the floor, as instructed by the Bishop, praying wholeheartedly that God should intervene concerning my long overdue promotion at work. The following day, when I got to work, I learnt that some names were released for promotion and mine was excluded. I responded to them by saying “No, No, No”. No promotion can be done without my name inclusive; the Bishop has declared good things concerning the works of my hand. I called the Headquarter and got to know that my name was deleted from the list. Another list was later sent and my name was included. I have been promoted to the post of Inspector of Police after many years of usual delay. God has favoured me and answered my prayers on this breakthrough ground. I am grateful to the God of Bishop Oyedepo. I say a “big thank you” to Bishop David Oyedepo. 

Igwe chukwuma | Testifier

Supernatural Turnaround

My husband lost his job and everything went down gradually. We could no longer pay the Children’s school. Many days, we go to bed without food. We were bitten and battered by lack and wants. We became a subject of penury and mockery. We sold all that we had acquired to cater for daily expenses, yet we still ran into debt. In order to alleviate these sufferings, my husband took up a road-side car battery charging job, even as a graduate. Many times, he was rescued from committing suicide; he tried drinking acid. One day, I was privileged to meet with Bishop Oyedepo, where he ministered to us and invited us to church. I appeared in this Church for the first time and I joined the Church fully as a result of the encounter I had with the Word on the Altar. Thereafter, I located a Midweek Zonal Centre. I joined two service groups (Decorating and Sanctuary keeper). I started going out for outreach, praying kingdom advancement prayers and inviting people to church. In all these, I persuaded my husband to follow me to the Church but refused strongly. I was never distracted serving God with joy, believing God for a change of story.

One day, my husband who had refused coming to this Church called me that he has decided to follow me. He did and gave his life to Christ that same day.

Miraculously, on the 19th March 2018, the company that lay off my husband recalled him to resume work. They paid all his past salaries and entitlement. Two famous Non-Governmental Organizations called me and appointed me as their coordinators to cover Ogun State. Thereafter, God gave us a landed property.  All debts have been paid; our children are back to school. The God of Bishop David Oyedepo has fully restored my family. I bless the God of Bishop Oyedepo. I bless the day I met with the Bishop.

OKE MOJISOLA. | Testifier

Sudden Supernatural Change Of Story

I met with Bishop David Oyedepo on the 10th of March 2018 at Iyana-Iyesi. Bishop prayed for us and told us that, “within seven weeks of our encounter with him, our life will never remain the same again”. I believed this prayer and said Amen. The same day, a call came through my phone from the Church, saying he was calling on behalf of Bishop Oyedepo to invite me to the Church. I appeared in this Church for the first time on the 18th of March, believing every word of prophecy that came from the Altar through the Bishop. As a first timer, I sat down dedicatedly to attend (4) four services and I prayed to God to change my story for good in those services.

Miraculously, the following week, my work began to experience change of levels; a contract worth millions of naira was awarded to me. This was beyond my human comprehension, as there wasn’t any hand of man in it. From henceforth, I have decided in my heart to make this Church as my place of worship and I will be attending four (4) services every Sunday.  Truly, God really answers prayers in this commission. This is a mountain of signs and wonders.

Mr. Bode Adeyemi. | Testifier

21 Years Siege Of Alcoholism Broken

I started drinking since 1985, and as the years went by, it got worse. It got a point in my life where every two hours, I had to take alcohol because; it seems to me that my life depends on it. Though, I never liked what I was doing, but I couldn’t get myself to stop it.

I joined this church on a Sunday Communion service, God’s servant said something concerning surrendering our lives to God and serving His interest that stroke my heart. Knowing full well that I was tired of the life I was living, I made up my mind to surrender my life to Christ and seek him when I came out for the alter call, I simply told God to take over this alcoholism lifestyle. After the service that day, I came back home and prayed my heart to God renewing my commitment with Him. Later, that same day, my friend called me in the evening that we should go and take some drinks, but I told him that my drinking days are over.

To the glory of God and to the shame of the devil, from that day till now, I have never taken alcohol, my thirst for alcohol died supernaturally.

Secondly, God opened strange doors of blessing and favour for me. I give Him all the glory!

Obinna Johnson | Testifier

Supernatural Restoration

On the 3rd of March 2018, I saw people gathered. Someone told me it was Bishop Oyedepo praying for people. I never believed someone of his calibre could be on the streets ministering to the lives of the people, until I saw him. I connected to all the blessings from his mouth. He shared the testimony of a man who used to count millions of naira but could no longer handle N5 again; the man could not even afford his wife’s hospital bill, but later had a change of story via an encounter with God under his ministration. I was touched by this testimony because I have a similar case as this. I used to be an employer of labour in which many staff work for me but suddenly everything went down. I lost all my customers. No one was willing to patronize me again and I ran into debt.  It was so bad that I cannot even afford to feed my family let alone paying school fees for my Children. I attended the Church for the first time. Before I stepped out of the Church gate that same day, a call came through my phone to come and make a big business supply. I made a substantial amount of money out of this business. I am now restored. I have started my believer’s foundation class. God of Bishop Oyedepo surprised me.

Olajumoke Kelani. | Testifier

Supernatural Job through the Word Engagement

I have read testimonies of people who got encounter with the Word, after being provoked by the last Sunday Message, I decided it was my turn for change. I have been a consultancy company that have not gotten a job since 2013; I have spent so much money writing and making presentations. I decided it was enough, I decided not to go to office, so I can seek out my own salvation through the word. I dressed up as one going to office, sat in my parlour at 9am took my bible and read as if I will not have the opportunity to read the word again. I studied and engaged the kingdom prayers from 9am to 5pm, no break, no eating, no rest, I was just desperate. On the 3rd day, I became so lighted that I knew it was impossible not to have a breakthrough. Behold as soon as I finished praying by 5pm on the 3rd day, I got a call and mail for a Job worth millions. To God Be All the Glory.

Bro. Victor. E | Testifier

Academic Success via Kingdom Advancement Prayers!

Last year I was to take a professional exam and heard stories of people failing. During the WOFBI session in February one of our teachers said that if you want to pass, name your marks and work towards it. So, I followed the instruction and I passed. I was to sit for the next stage of the exam which was also the final stage. I wrote the exams but was afraid of failure, so I started praying for my success. I heard Papa say we should stop praying for ourselves during this fasting and praying period, so I stopped praying for myself and started praying Kingdom advancement prayers and for others. I just want to thank God; the result is out and I’m now a charted fellow.

Onadipe Funmilola | Testifier

HIV/Aids Swallowed Up In Victory

It all started in 2010 after feeling a strange sickness, I went for a medical check-up and I was confirmed HIV positive. Since that time, I have believed God for my total healing. I read books of Papa, The Healing Balm and the Miracle Meal and could minister the communion to myself often; serving in the sanctuary keeping unit, always attended Covenant Hour of Prayer and engaged passionately in Kingdom advancement prayers in my closet. Light dawned on me when I heard the testimony of a sister who shared how God healed her of this deadly disease in Shiloh 2017. I knew God was up to something. I therefore made up my mind that the forthcoming year being my year of New Dawn, it should be evident in my health. I stopped at nothing as when the 21 days prayer and fasting started, I participated fully disregarding the strong drugs I was taking believing God for His grace to be sufficient for me.

To the glory of God, when I went for my medical appointment after prayer and fasting on February 23rd 2018, the doctor told me the machine could not detect the virus anymore in my blood and I shouted a resounding Hallelujah. Today, I am here to witness the healing power of God in this commission. I am now HIV-free. 



I want to thank God for what he has done in my life and family. It all started when I was three months pregnant.  We packed from where we were staying to Ogube Street. We experienced difficulty in feeding and things were not working out well. One lady called me and told me we should be very prayerful in this new compound we have packed to stay. She further said, she lost two of her babies in this same compound and another woman had miscarriage twice.

When I was six (6) months pregnant, I came to meet Daddy (Pst. Paul Ephraim) and I explained to him, telling him that I am very scared, I used to see myself in a coffin in dreams and other times I lost my child or I died after delivery.

God’s servant to go and pray on the altar and I should tell God what I wanted. And he declared safe delivery. When I was due, I met Him again and He prayed for me, declaring safe delivery. That has been the best delivery I’ve ever had. Every time my Husband returned from the covenant hour of prayer, he sprinkles the blood around the compound. When my baby was two weeks old, I almost lost the child and my grown-up daughter but God rescued them from death. One day the Landlord asked my Husband that He wants us to pack out of His house. He said our prayers are tormenting him. When other tenants were rushing their children to the hospital God sustained me and my family and that same day we packed out of the house. I have come to return all the glory to God for saving us from an Occultic Landlord.

Mrs. Joseph Esther | Testifier


It’s My New Dawn Era, I have come to return all the glory to the God of this commission who is too faithful to fail. During the 21-days Prayer and Fasting of 2018 I kept asking God for a miracle job and during one of the evening services, our Senior Pastor, Paul Ephraim assured everyone in line for a miracle job that by February we will all be working and I shouted Amen. So during the week of Spiritual emphasis for the month of February, precisely on Thursday, our Senior Pastor again told everyone looking for a job to collect handbills and work for God which I obeyed. Brethren on Saturday I received a call, asking me to resume work on Monday 12th February 2018. I say may His name be praised in Jesus name.

Sis. Peace E. | Testifier

40Years Blindness Restored

My name is Bro. Felix Agidee. I come to testify to the glory of God what the Lord has done in my life. Over 40years, I had problem with my eyes. I couldn’t see. One day a friend of mine invited me to Shiloh and I attended here in Ughelli church. During the one of the services in Shiloh Papa David Oyedepo prayed for me and I believed the prayer in which he prayed and I key my faith to the prayer and I instantly received my miracle and now I can see clearly. Praise the Lord Jesus. Amen.

Felix Agidee | Testifier


God did alot of things suddenly in my life. It happened that i was working as a personal assistant to my boss and things were going well. Last year precisely April 19th the devil struck and my boss was assasinated and that was the end to my job. I became emphatically jobless. All these while, I was just steadfast serving God, and during the August WOFBI I got a job in Lagos which later did not work as a result of the time to resume, clashed with the WOFBI programme.

On November 8th 2017, I left for Abuja for a job interview as a marketer in a company, I was employed immediately and I started the job. But as time went on, the job came to an end.  I was still steadfast and when people ask me “how is work?”My response will be“work is is fine” even though I was jobless. On the 5th of December 2017, I got another job as an assistant media director in an advertisement company. My first assignment was a programme with the Governor of Benue state and the National Commander of the Nigeria Peace Corp. I left Abuja to Benue state and the next day been December 8th and the programme was held resulting huge success. When I got to the office on Tuesday December 12th, I was promoted to Director of Protocol. Again another promotion came on Decmenber 17th and this one was a double promotion. I was made the director of Budget and expenditure and same time I was to approve financial issues in the absence of the CEO. The other promotion I got is to supervise our branch company in Southeast region, covering all the eastern states. Indeed God is great.

BRO OBOH IGHO | Testifier


My case is truly different. 

My elder brother contested for councilor-ship in Owhe "ward 6" in 2014. It was not successful during the primaries.    

In October 2017, among 5 candidates he was chosen by 29 out of 35 delegates. After screening by the PDP in Asaba, he was expecting the Delta State independent electoral commission form (DSIEC form). 

10 days later, the DSIEC form was handed over to the driver of PDP chairman, Isoko North who was not even screened during the primaries.    

I was touched. I brought him to Pastor Paul Ephraim, after the covenant hour of prayer. He prayed with him and asked him to "Go and take his position".    

People of God, the case went to court. The political giants in the state attempted to put pressure on the judge. 

The judge had to transfer the case from Ozoro to Otujeremi.    

 Judgement was passed in his favour. As we talk now, he has been given the DSIEC form and he has taken his position.

Elo Daniel | Testifier


I am returning the glory to God for He always shows up.

I was called that my neighbors' child put an orange seed in her nose and they asked a nurse to remove it, but the seed went in deeper than expected.

They referred them from the hospital in Ughelli to the teaching hospital in Oghara that evening for operation, which I could not understand.

I told the father to give the child anointing oil and place a drop in her nose and thereafter, allow her to sleep till the next day, and that he should believe God.

Lo and behold, the next day, they didn't need to go to the hospital because a friend came and it was removed.

I am thanking God because He did it by sending a help when it was needed.

Only God can do this marvelous act, thank you Jesus.

BRO. EMMANUEL | Testifier


I have been believing God for Distinction when I was doing my ND Program; but it did not come forth. 

During Shiloh 2017, my first prayer point was distinction all through my HND program in all semesters.    

Earlier this week, when my departmental results were released, my new dawn distinction came forth; I was not only part of the distinction students, but the only distinction student in my class, in both options.   

 I have come to say thank you to the God of this commission who has started my new dawn blessings.   

Indeed, my case is different in this New Dawn Era.

Thank you Jesus