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The Medical Team

Our worship services are undeniably safe at all times, and by God's grace, we have had no incidence since inception. However, the Medical team exist to provide initial care in an unlikely case of an injury, to prevent a condition from worsening or danger of further injury.

The Medical Response Team are trained and certified medical professionals (nurses, doctors and EMTs) familiar with the AED and rescue protocol, and are ready to respond to medical emergencies.

The Medical Team of this assembly exist to:
- make a difference through Christ by touching lives and providing access to compassionate care, which leads to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness,
- assist with all acute medical situations during Sunday services and special events. They are the first responders and provide aid and care for people until other agencies and authorities deemed necessary arrive on the scene.

A medical background is necessary to serve on this team but there are numerous other opportunities to serve for willing individuals outside the medical field. The Church Admin will be able to tell you the details.