Winners' Chapel Ughelli, Evangelism Unit

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The Church Evangelism Team

Go ye therefore , into all the world and make disciples of all nations.." Matthew 28:19

The evangelism unit exists to carry out the comprehensive vision listed below and of which you can become involved. In essence, every believer is a member of this Service Unit. Members of this unit:
- Preaching and teaching the word of God with the utilization of tracts to win souls in the community.
- Visit hospitals to pray for the sick and minister salvation to them.
- Meet two Saturdays in a month to pray for Members, Converts, Outreaches and the Church.
- Organize occasional Mass Evangelism for the Church.
- Organize Occasional workshops on personal Evangelism and discipleship.
- Follow-up on souls won in the street outreaches.

The follow-up team assists the first timers by:
- Giving information about the Church and our meetings, and helping them know that they are appreciated and most welcome.
- Keeping the "back door" firmly shut – making sure that those who have decided to join the Winners family don’t slip out through the back door through lack of information
- They agree with our First Timers in prayers on burning issues of their lives.
- They counsel, and if need be, recommend for further counseling with the Pastor.
- They recommend other activities such as The Winners Foundation Class and Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) to further strengthen their faith.