Living Faith Church, Ughelli - About Us

Winners Chapel Ughelli, Delta State is a living proof of the faithfulness of God, the validity of the liberation mandate and the spirit of God at work in this commission.

Established in 1996, the church started as a cell fellowship in a small hall at the Osadjere Estate Junction, comprising of a few adults and children.

In the space of twenty one years, the spirit of God by Himself has been drawing multitudes to the church. This supernatural growth has led the church to meeting in three different locations before we built our present site.

Humbling testimonies, healings, deliverance, changed lives, restorations and supernatural intervention in the lives of our members has validated Winners Chapel Ughelli as a mountain where the glory of God is released with undeniable proofs, a factory of good reports, a school of Exploits and the church where the undiluted word of faith is divinely backed up with signs and wonders.

In the past couple of years, the lord has launched us into new chapters. With diverse testimonies of changed lives and the undeniable presence of God in our midst, the membership strength has multiplied with our current average church attendance being above 7,000.

The Church also has the Kingdom Heritage Model School, the Ministry's primary school for moulding Godly future leaders into God's plan and purpose for their lives.

To God alone be all the glory

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